About Us

Get to know us!

We are a chain of grocery across Central Luzon and GMA which offers spot-on service and quality grocery items at wholesale prices. With 75 branches to date, Super 8 has emerged at the forefront of the retail trading industry.

Core Values

With its groceries and grocery warehouses, Super 8 endeavors to serve the needs of as much of the population as it can. By offering more choices of basic commodities at increasingly reasonable prices, Super 8 aims to raise the quality of life of more Filipinos. With its assurance of quality, affordability, excellent service from highly trained personnel, the best business systems, and continued expansion for the widest coverage and accessibility, Super 8 Grocery Warehouse is dedicated to becoming a formidable force in the retail industry, and more importantly, a lifelong partner to both resellers and end consumers. Aside from being known as a company that helps its customers attain a higher quality of life even when working on a tight budget, Super 8 is guided by the following principles:


  • We have the ability to bridge the separation between big vision and the smallest detail.


  • We achieve our goals because we are clear on our purpose.


  • We lead people by "walking the talk".


  • We exhibit admirable ethical traits regardless of the circumstances.


  • We are able to achieve more by being "ONE".


  • Logistics is considered the heart of Super 8's operation. It is how the products from manufacturers are transferred to the store shelves.